• IEEE ISCSET 2024 - 17th to 19th July 2024

Travel Suggestions to Laubusch

Travel & Map

Although Lauta/Laubusch does not feature its own airport, it is possible to use the Dresden, Berlin or Leipzig Airports. To reach Lauta/Laubuch visitors can use the train station “Schwarzkollm Hoyerswerda”. From the train station to IBS hotel it is a short taxi ride of 6 minutes. The walking distance is around 4 km and needs ca. 45 minutes.

The street address of the conference venue is Hauptstraße 14, 02991 Lauta, Germany.

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Train tickets can be purchased online, You can use the button below to book tickets online.

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If you have problems to buy your train tickets contact uranchimeg.tudevdagva@informatik.tu-chemnitz.de with your questions. Our team will help you to solve the problems.

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