• IEEE ISCSET 2024 - 17th to 19th July 2024

Senior Expert Flight Deck and Human Factors, Deutsche Aircraft GmbH, Germany

Dr.-Ing. Christoph Vernaleken
Christoph Vernaleken

Senior Expert Flight Deck and Human Factors, Deutsche Aircraft GmbH, Germany

Keynote Speech

Human Factors Challenges Resulting From Automation and Artificial Intelligence


Christoph Vernaleken is a physics graduate of the University of Würzburg. Subsequently, he obtained a PhD in engineering from Darmstadt University of Technology, where he spent several years as a research associate working on flight deck and pilot assistance functions aimed at improving flight safety. After almost 15 years with the Human Factors Engineering team at Airbus Defence and Space in Manching, Germany, covering a broad range of subjects ranging from air-to-air refueling on the A400M to the application of VR in air traffic control, a flight deck for suborbital aircraft and optimized satellite ground stations, he now has a leading role in the development of the new flight deck for the D328eco regional turboprop aircraft as Senior Expert Flight Deck and Human Factors with Deutsche Aircraft GmbH in Oberpfaffenhofen.

Since 2020, Christoph has also been a lecturer at TU München, giving a course on Human Factors in aviation at the Chair of Ergonomics. Apart from various papers and textbook contributions in the domain of Human Factors and flight deck development, he has also published several articles and co-authored a book in the field of aviation history.

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