• IEEE ISCSET 2024 - 17th to 19th July 2024

Professor of Software quality and architecture, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Prof. Steffen Becker
Steffen Becker

Professor of Software quality and architecture, University of Stuttgart, Germany, Germany

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Steffen Becker, born 1977 in Weilburg/Germany, is the chair of the Reliable Software Systems departmentat the University of Stuttgart. Before becoming professor in Stuttgart he had chairs in Chemnitz and Paderborn after doing his PhD in Karlsruhe and Oldenburg. Steffen is a member of various steering comittees of conferences in the areas software architecture and performance in which he also contributed with important books and successful EU projects. He is a member of the German computer science society were he currently heads the SIG on Architectures. He is engaged in active technolgy transfer projects of novel results into industry.

His research interests range from software architecture, over the design and verification of cyber-physical systems to topics of software engineering education. In case of the latter, he works jointly with the PH Ludwdigburg in educating future computer science teachers and does different types of industry trainings in topics of software engineering and programming.

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